Trill Cut

Trill Cut
2Pac, Jay-Z, Kanye, Young Jeezy

Budding artist, Trill Cut, is making his money dreams a reality.

With his first solo project complete, #MoneyDreams, the Bunnell, Florida native pioneers the art of Hip Hop Soul, while establishing a uniquely familiar sound that has placed Gainesville on the music map. One-fourth of the super group Blu Ray, Trill Cut emerges to solidify his position as a bonafide artist with his freshmen EP album, Underground Sounds.

“#MoneyDreams sets the premise and explains who I am and where I came from – including my unfortunate beginnings. It speaks to a moral consciousness that I feel most rap artists are missing in their music today,” said Trill Cut. “Undergrounds Sounds is my statement to the industry that we as Hip Hop fans are tired of the commercialism and lack of moral consciousness in music being put out. I feel you can be heartfelt and honest in your music; and still appeal to the public. Underground Sounds is my attempt to fill that void in Hip Hop right now.”

Underground Sounds is lead by club ready single “$hawty Bad,” featuring New York native, P.I.T. and Bunnell, Florida’s Mardy Gilyard, wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“The album production was completely built by and for the real underground Hip Hop fans that look to connect with the real world issues we face every day," said Trill Cut.

The shift resulted in the release of “#BreakUp Song,” Underground Sounds second single. Trill Cut released the song on July 14, 2013 and has already cracked the top 10 Hip Hop charts for Reverbnation. The song’s reminiscent club instrumental creates the perfect storm for Trill Cut’s lyrical play which center around the complex feelings that love can create.

Trill Cut’s music steadily creates momentum and shows no sign of slowing. “Hip hop has become so commercial and I feel my music will be a signal to the industry for the changes to come.”

Trill Cut’s #MoneyDreams mixtape and Coota Brown from Blu Ray is available for download at Music includes features from Blu Ray, production credits from Yung Tarzan, SDot Fire and more. Follow the Grind for unlimited downloads and new tracks posted daily.