Day: May 13, 2017

Jimi: All Is By My Side (Movie Trailer) Starring Andre “3000” Benjamin

OutKast’s André Benjamin stars as Jimi Hendrix in this revealing biopic from Academy Award-winning writer-director John Ridley (12 Years A Slave). Covering a year in Hendrix’s life from 1966-67 as an unknown backup guitarist playing New York’s Cheetah Club to making his mark in London’s music scene up until his Monterey Pop triumph, the film presents an intimate portrait of the sensitive young musician on the verge of becoming a rock legend.


Available In Theaters: September 26, 2014



Ice Cube: Former NWA rapper on playing a cop, ignoring the FBI, and career advice for his son

From “Fuck Tha Police” to playing a cop. How have your attitudes to the police changed since your NWA days?

They’re pretty much the same. I don’t like bad cops, I don’t like abusive cops. I definitely don’t like crooked cops. I like cops that do their job, that care, that give a damn. Those views haven’t changed. Playing a cop is kind of cool. As a youth, I played cops and robbers; it’s pretty much the same thing but on a bigger level.

Straight Outta Compton was one of the first records to have a parental advisory sticker. Is there anything you don’t let your kids listen to?

I let them listen to everything, as long as I’m right there with them. It’s better for you to introduce that stuff to them than for them to get it from their friends.

Did rap play out how the Ice Cube of 1987 would have expected it to?

No. I think the biggest double-edged sword for rap music has been the internet. In one way, it’s let artists become independent to the point where they can promote themselves. But it’s hurt the music because people think it’s free now. You have a generation who don’t know what it is to buy a CD or a record. That’s kinda whack.

What about in terms of big-money endorsements? Your Coke and Nike tie-ins. Rap used to be anti-system.

Rap has always been down with whoever is down with it. Back in the day, Run-DMC advertised Adidas. We shouldn’t be anti-everything, we should be anti-whack, anti-bulls**t, but not anti-cool.

Are the kids still angry?

Yeah. I definitely think it’s out there. When I first started, kids didn’t have a whole bunch of ways to express themselves so they did it through the music: “This is the kind of music I like, this is the kind of group I’m with and y’all know who I am”. But I think now, with social media, people don’t feel anonymous. They don’t feel like they’re not getting heard. If you look on those sites, you’ll see what people are angry about, what they’re pissed off about. The anger is just redirected.

And what makes you angry now?

The same things. My position in life has changed a lot from how I grew up. But my feelings haven’t and I’m not the kind of person who feels like “Yo, I made it, everything’s cool, the world is great”. Now, I feel more that I can be a voice for the voiceless, or I can talk about things that fuck me off. People are like “Cube, you’re not going through that,” but my people are, my relatives are.

The FBI wrote to NWA in the Eighties saying they took exception to Straight Outta Compton. Did you write back?

No! We actually never took that letter serious. We were too young and naïve. In ’89, the FBI was something you saw on TV. We weren’t really thinking about the FBI; we were thinking about LAPD, about the LA sheriffs, about the police who were really gonna come and fuck us up. If we’d have got a letter from them, we’d probably have taken it more serious.

If your son came to you and said “Dad, I want to be a cop,” what would you say?

I would try to talk him out of it. My thing is, “You want to get shot, or you want to see somebody get shot?”, because that’s what’s gonna happen. I take my hat off to police officers. Somebody who has the wherewithal to go into crime scenes and see some of the worst parts of human life. To see people wounded and hurt and victims every day, that would drive me a little crazy.


Ice Cube, real name O’Shea Jackson, grew up in the South Central area of Los Angeles. He was a founding member of NWA, along with Dr Dre. The group received international acclaim for their 1988 album, ‘Straight Outta Compton’. A forthcoming NWA biopic will see his son O’Shea Jr playing his father. Ice Cube’s new police action film, ‘Ride Along’, is released on Bluray and DVD on Monday

Source: Independent

Lenny Kravitz Exclusive UK Performance Tickets and Latest Single

Lenny Kravitz comes to London for an exclusive UK performance on 6 December at The SSE Arena, Wembley! General public on sale on Friday 9am from here!

Lenny Kravitz has also announced the release of ‘The Chamber’, the first single off new album ‘Strut’, which is available from  today June 24th. In addition, the artist has released the album’s cover art, as well as exclusive album details including the track listing and a lyric video for ‘The Chamber’. Click here to view it!

The album is a real rock & roll record that hits hard rhythmically and explores desire in all its forms, from the most physical to the most idealized. The release’s twelve songs (see full track listing below) includes such titles as “New York City,” “I Never Want to Let You Down” and “She’s a Beast.”  As always, Kravitz plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and percussion on the album, and produced and arranged it as well. 


Petter Jones “Three” Featuring Trel Mack & Shawn Archer

Petter Jones of SKE Records comes strong with the new video “Three” that features Trel Mack and Shawn Archer. 

Taking advantage of his rising fanbase and buzz, it was necessary to drop the video for “Three” as it was demanded heavy from the fans. Petter Jones “Super Saiyan” project is coming soon.Help generate even more fans by requesting the song on KLLO-Radio here and let 1000’s of people hear this song in full.


YouTube to cull indie music videos ‘within days’

YouTube will begin pulling music videos from artists including Adele and the Arctic Monkeys off its service by the end of this week – as its standoff with independent labels over royalty rateshits breaking point.

The Google-owned video giant will start blocking videos on its main platform within “a matter of days”, YouTube’s head of content and business operations Robert Kyncl has told theFinancial Times.

The exec argues that 90% of the music industry has signed a contract to license YouTube’s as-yet-unlaunched subscription service – even though number of influential independents, led by trade bodies WIN, AIM and IMPALA, have refused to sign what they see as “indefensible terms”. 

It now appears YouTube will punish this decision by removing content from its free service, which attracts more than a billion unique users every month.

This group of independents have been backed by the BPI, the body which represents all three major labels in the UK, as well as some large independent labels.

The majors are understood to have signed a three-year global licensing deal with YouTube for the new service, which comes complete with a shared advance of around $1 billion.

Music Week understands that some leading independent digital distributors – including INgrooves, Believe Digital and The Orchard – have also come to an agreement with YouTube to license the platform.

YouTube announced earlier this year that its total payouts to music rights-holders have now exceeded $1 billion.

“While we wish that we had 100 per cent success rate, we understand that is not likely an achievable goal and therefore it is our responsibility to our users and the industry to launch the enhanced music experience,” Kyncl told the Financial Times.

YouTube is set to begin internal beta tests of its new subscription site this week, ahead of a public launch later this summer.

Kyncl said YouTube was offering all labels an equitable deal.  “We’re paying them fairly and consistently with the industry,” he said.

Source: musicweek

Tell us what you think about this. Do you think YouTube are using their power like Spotify to force artists to do what they want regardless. 

Let us know..


Charli XCX is excited to unveil the video to BOOM CLAP, the track she wrote for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. You can watch it by clicking below – check it out, share it, you know what to do. You can buy the single on iTunes here: Boom Clap – The Fault In Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture)

It’s been such an incredible few months for Charli XCX performing FANCY live with Iggy at the Billboard Awards and on loads of great TV shows over in America, and following that landing number 5 in the UK singles chart she is back with her own track


The Motown 7s Box Vol. 2 – Rare And Unreleased Vinyl Pre-Order Now!

The 2nd June sees the release of the highly anticipated Motown 7s Box Volume 2. A collection of 14 rare gems previously unreleased on vinyl. This beautiful limited edition box set includes 7 x 7″ rare and unreleased vinyl singles and a four page card with detailed notes about the singles.

Each box is individually numbered with the vinyl sitting in specially created paper housebags and comes with a download voucher for each single.

A wonderful set bringing together 14 iconic, underrated Motown acts back to back including the recently discovered ‘We’re gonna be more than friends‘ by The Spinners. The collection not only features unreleased tracks but rare recordings from a variety of Motown royalty such as Marvin Gaye,The Four TopsThe ContoursJimmy Ruffin and Stevie Wonder amongst tonnes of others!

All tracks lovingly restored from the original Hitsvillemaster tapes due to worldwide demand by Motown collectors and the Northern Soul underground with detailed liner notes. The Motown Sound never looked better with discoveries all in one beautifully designed Limited Edition numbered collectors box set.

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Michael Jackson’s posthumous album Xscape set to debut at Number 1

Michael Jackson is well on his way to claiming the Official Albums Chart Number 1 this weekend with his second posthumous release Xscape.
Back in March it was announced Epic Records had teamed up with the late Michael Jackson’s estate to compile an album of previously unheard tracks.
Xscape features ‘contemporised’ versions of the original track recordings and high-profile producers include Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, JRoc, Stargate and John McClain.
Michael Jackson has an impressive chart history scoring 30 Official Albums Chart Top 40s and nine Number 1s, to date. And, selling over 25,000 copies so far this week, Xscape looks on track to be the late King Of Pop’s 10th UK Number 1 album.

Buy XSCAPE (Deluxe) – Michael Jackson on iTunes

Here is the Video for Love Never Felt So Goo Featuring Justin Timberlake.


Source: Official Charts Company

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good Official Video

Here is the video for the latest Single From Michael Jackson’s Xscape Album “Love never felt so good” featuring Justin Timberlake.

Post your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson’s essence and integrity. It’s a process Reid calls “contemporizing.” The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain.

You can get Xscape on itunes: 

Lily Allen looks set for a second chart-topping album with Sheezus

Lily Allen looks set for a second chart-topping album with Sheezus out in front in this week’s Official Albums Chart race.

It’s the comeback some of us thought would never happen, but Lily Allen’s return to pop glory is definitely on track.

The outspoken star, who came out of retirement as a solo artist after a four-year break with the Number 1 single Somewhere Only We Know in late 2013, looks set to debut at the top of the Official Albums Chart this Sunday with third album Sheezus.

The album is Lily’s third, following Alright Still (2006) and It’s Not Me, It’s You (2009) – both of which have sold over a million copies.

Buy Lilly Allens Sheezus on here