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Lenny Kravitz Exclusive UK Performance Tickets and Latest Single

Lenny Kravitz Exclusive UK Performance Tickets and Latest Single

Lenny Kravitz comes to London for an exclusive UK performance on 6 December at The SSE Arena, Wembley! General public on sale on Friday 9am from here!

Lenny Kravitz has also announced the release of ‘The Chamber’, the first single off new album 'Strut', which is 
available from  today June 24th. In addition, the artist has released the album’s cover art, as well as exclusive album details including the track listing and a lyric video for ‘The Chamber’. Click here to view it!

The album is a real rock & roll record that hits hard rhythmically and explores desire in all its forms, from the most physical to the most idealized. The release’s twelve songs (see full track listing below) includes such titles as “New York City,” “I Never Want to Let You Down” and “She’s a Beast.”  As always, Kravitz plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and percussion on the album, and produced and arranged it as well. 


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