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The Motown 7s Box Vol. 2 - Rare And Unreleased Vinyl Pre-Order Now!

The Motown 7s Box Vol. 2 - Rare And Unreleased Vinyl Pre-Order Now!

The 2nd June sees the release of the highly anticipated Motown 7s Box Volume 2. A collection of 14 rare gems previously unreleased on vinyl. This beautiful limited edition box set includes 7 x 7" rare and unreleased vinyl singles and a four page card with detailed notes about the singles.

Each box is individually numbered with the vinyl sitting in specially created paper housebags and comes with a download voucher for each single.

A wonderful set bringing together 14 iconic, underrated Motown acts back to back including the recently discovered 'We're gonna be more than friends' by The Spinners. The collection not only features unreleased tracks but rare recordings from a variety of Motown royalty such as Marvin Gaye,The Four TopsThe ContoursJimmy Ruffin and Stevie Wonder amongst tonnes of others!

All tracks lovingly restored from the original Hitsvillemaster tapes due to worldwide demand by Motown collectors and the Northern Soul underground with detailed liner notes. The Motown Sound never looked better with discoveries all in one beautifully designed Limited Edition numbered collectors box set.

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