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KLLO-Radio and Mixing Mastering to offer Artists Mixing and Mastering Services

KLLO-Radio and Mixing Mastering to offer Artists Mixing and Mastering Services

KLLO-Radio and Mixing Mastering have now teamed up to offer artists a variety of services from Mastering to artist promotion.

This latest partnership sees KLLO-Radio offering services for mixing , mastering and artist promotion packages and services. These are provided by Mixing Mastering . To view the packages and services please visit the dedicated page here:  http://www.kllo-radio.co.uk/MixingServices/

"At KLLO-Radio we are always on the look out on different ways we can enhance and help an independent artist. The partnership with Mixing Mastering allows us to put their services in front of artists to help create amazing sound quality along with branding and promotion. This also allows us to offer more of a complete package in terms of helping an artist create their music through to promoting it via our Live Streaming Service and Digital Distribution channel"
Kevin CEO , KLLO-Radio

"We have teamed up with KLLO Radio to try to expand and enhance the image, sound and social, promotional and press reach for them and their artists. We will be partnering up to try to create a better community for artists, bands and record labels - even music studios. We will be trying to offer complete packages, or individual services depending on the needs that they have including but not limited to image (logo, artwork, website design), sound (arrangement, mixing, mastering, production, remix) and promotion (social media management, PR, press, publicity, digital marketing, on-line promotion)."

Narcis 'Nachos' Radoi


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