Messiah Kaeto

Messiah Kaeto

Messiah Kaeto is a rapper & producer who specialises in underground UK Hip-Hop.

Writing since his early teens, Messiah Kaeto has established himself as a credible artist within the UK Hip Hop scene. Known for his witty lyrics and clever wordplay, as well as an uncompromising talent for telling a story, he has gained recognition as a unique craftsman capable of holding his own in a genre that is steadily growing and evolving.

After releasing the critically acclaimed 'Pray For Me' mixtape in 2010 which featured production by Anno Domini, Messiah Kaeto began honing his own production skills.

In 2012 Messiah Kaeto released the 3 track EP 'Looking Forward'. On this release he handled everything from performance to production, as well as artwork direction.

Messiah Kaeto launched his own independent record label 33rd Dimension Records in 2013 and released his full length debut album 'Even Stars Fade' shortly after. 'Even Stars Fade' was produced entirely by Messiah Kaeto and was extremely well received with massively favourable reviews. The track 'Telescope' in particular saw Messiah Kaeto's popularity rapidly increase internationally.

With another solo album in the pipeline, releases by the remaining 33rd Dimension Records artists and further business ventures, Messiah Kaeto's star is shining brighter than ever and shows no signs of fading.