Adry Sawza

Adry Sawza

SKE Records now presents to you Adry Sawza the first Spanish artist on the SKE Records roster. Coming from the country of Spain, Adry Sawza is a fresh R&B talent that is going to take the SKE Records growing powerhouse to a new level. Adry Sawza always have had a great love for music ever since he was a young child. His early influences are legends such as Michael Jackson and R. Kelly but he is also a huge fan of Craig David.

Being a Spanish artist he always had a great admiration as well for the Spanish sound. Breaking down his musical style Adry explains “I love to sing in Spanish and it's crazy how Spanish music is growing around the world and being appreciated by all people.”

Adry Sawza feels SKE Records is the perfect home for him as well. SKE Records Spain representative DJ A-Yo presented his music to Q The Question & Trel Mack. DJ A-Yo felt Adry was special and with Q The Question’s understanding of the Spanish culture it was the perfect match he felt in his heart. Adry gives his take on being SKE Records first Spanish artist “I’m going to represent Spain well, and much respect to Trel Mack & Q The Question for seeing the talent in me along with my vision.”

With the Latino population growing heavy in the United States, Adry Sawza explains how its going to be a perfect market for him. Look at what is happening now where a lot of hip-hop and R&B artist are collaborating with Spanish artist.

For example you see the new song with Drake doing music with Romeo Santos and even one of my favorite records Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty” as he has a version in Spanish “Hablame Sucio”. The goal is to be a great artist and I work very hard on my craft. With the current smash out right now that’s receiving great feedback from the press is Adry Sawza's “Nunca Crei” which is Spanish for "I Never Thought"

Latin radio markets such as 107.3 FM El Mega Flow in Caracas, Venezuela and also Univerdance in Spain 103.8 FM shows much support. Adry is currently working on a new EP set to be released under SKE Records this year titled "Humble". The majority of the project will be in Spanish but there will be some collaborations in English. The goal is to expand my fanbase and after I had received great feedback from “Nunca Crei”, I know 2014 will be a promising year of success. Adry explains his work ethic as well “I get better with my craft each day and everyday I’m improving. I don’t rush my music but I don’t take long breaks either, everything is organic to make the best music possible, day by day I better my skills and the fans I hope will be ready for Adry Sawza because I do it for them.”.