KLLO-Radio was started in 2005 as an internet radio station created to help a close friend, of the founder Kevin Blackledge, promote his music. Kevin started looking for independent artists who wanted to use the website as a platform to promote there music .

It wasn’t long before artists across the country and eventually the world recognized the potential and benefit the website had for them. Artists were logging onto the site, tuning in and sending in exclusive tracks. Within the first month there was more then 30,000 hits to the site and hundreds of listeners and the success did not stop there. People from around the world was enjoying what KLLO-Radio was doing with people from Canada all the way across to Australia wanting to DJ and play their favorite independent artists.

KLLO-RADIO then started sponsoring independent artists by helping them release there mixtapes by providing industry contacts, designs, distribution, free promotion and even financial backing. KLLO-RADIO also released its own mixtapes witch featured such artists as TY, Lowkey, Incisive, Deverlish, Kitty Cowell, Mercston and Dolla Da Dustman.

We have relaunched KLLO-Radio with the same intention as when we first started in 2005 but with much more possibilities then just online radio. With the new look site not only will you be able to get your music heard via the live streaming but you’ll be able to sell your music as well as merchandise. We have music industry insiders in every aspect of the music business from promotion, recording, production and gigs.

We want KLLO-Radio to be your music hub not just as an artist but as a music fan as well. This will be your music community with regular polls on new features and giving you the ability to promote yourself the best way you can.

Weather you are a musician, DJ, promoter, designer, model or just a music fan, then KLLO-Radio is the place for you.